AI for Engaged Patients and Happy Employees

AI in Healthcare Newsletter from May 13, 2019

AI & Industry 💻

• 'Only' 20% of physician respondents in Medscape survey say that AI has changed the way they work, up from 15% in 2018. By comparison, the modern EHR originated in the 1970's and had 18% adoption in 2001. Hmm... Read the survey discussion.

• AI can precisely review and analyze mammograms and CT scans, but it cannot gently reassure patients that they're healthy or recovering well and a scan is not required. The point must be driven home: AI in healthcare is not about replacing humans.

• Conversational AI gives patients easier access to the care they want. To integrate successfully, think about integration, security, and change management. Read about how.

Physician Perspectives 🏥

• Healthcare professionals were asked what technology they felt had the most potential to impact their hospital or health system. Read what they said.

• Physicians rate remote monitoring for chronic health conditions without additional peripheral devices as top ranking IT priority. Read more.

Patient Experience 🤒

• Providers are ostensibly in a position to know more about costs than patients. Yet only 11% of cost-of-care conversations are initiated by providers. This could be a quick win for patient experience. Read more.

• Improvements in patient experience and employee engagement are associated with higher profits for hospitals, and have a compounding effect with one another, a study using 2017 HCAHPS shows. Read the HBR discussion.