Data, Use, and Regulation for Healthcare Technology

AI in Healthcare Newsletter from February 25, 2019

Data Access for Everyone

In what's perhaps the biggest news in health IT for the past few weeks, the CMS and ONC have proposed requiring hospitals to provide patients with easy and free access to their health data. Even with its caveats, the ruling would push interoperability forward, if finalized in April.

Designing for Telemedicine Adoption

Later this year, the HHS will offer 40 grants to 911 dispatch centers across the country to pilot a new Medicare payment model. The new model gives ambulance providers incentive to utilize urgent care or telemedicine among other channels for patient care.

Patients Expect Digital Capabilities from Healthcare Providers

Millennials will becomes the largest generation by population in 2019, and they demand transparency and ease-of-use in the form of virtual healthcare, reminders and digital monitoring, and electronic access to data, paperwork, and prescriptions. More and more patients also seek care outside of hospital visits.

Physicians, Experience, and EHR Preferences

A 2019 study published in Perspectives in Health Information Management suggests that while experience improves EHR documentation time for physicians, they tend to express preference for EHR designed for usability, even when they are less experienced with and take more time on documentation with the unfamiliar EHR.