Faster Adoption of Healthcare AI and Telehealth

AI in Healthcare Newsletter from April 22, 2019

AI & Industry

• Revenue cycle, customer service, and claims are good places for nonclinical healthcare AI to start. Read more.

• Medicare Advantage and Part D will increase telehealth benefits for seniors by 2020. Read more.

• A good AI will do well as it's trained to do. If it is trained to have biases, then it will have biases. Read more.

Telehealth Adoption Accelerates 

• Fifty-one percent of internists work at practices with at least one telehealth service, according to an ACP survey. Read more.

• Yale receives $5.5m grant to study telemedicine efficacy for pregnant women dealing with substance abuse. Read more.

• Floridian Baptist Health implements telemedicine for remote monitoring of ICU patients. Read more.

What a Doctor Wants, What a Patient Needs 

• Telehealth adoption up 340% since 2015. Specialties with the highest burnout rates want it most. Read more.

• Four years and 26 state medical licenses later, Dr. Mcilvena is a full-time telehealth doctor. Read more.

• Only 2 of 80 prespecified outcomes showed statistically significant change in an 18-month randomized clinical trial on workplace wellness programs. Read more.