Opportunities to Engage in the Patient Journey

AI in Healthcare Newsletter from March 25, 2019

An Archaeology of EHR

To understand the original intention behind EHR, what has led up to their current point, and the possibility of a better future through EHR, hospitals and technology companies should learn and reflect on the history of this monumental project. From individual patient experiences to statistical impact of EHR usage and safety, what has EHR accomplished, and where is it facing and creating challenges?

Providing Care Beyond Medicine

By making billing support personalized, available, and proactive, hospitals can improve patient engagement and experience. During hospital experiences, patients are often the most vulnerable and in need of help not only when receiving medical attention, but when tending to their medical bill. Patients' lack of understanding of the billing system and hospitals' lack of transparency to what patients need once they leave the hospital can leave both parties confused and frustrated.

Computer Vision and Reassurance in Hospital Rooms

Using AI to monitor and interpret real-time images of humans can sound like dystopian over-surveillance. But this concern may be secondary to the benefit of having a constantly watchful eye over hospital inpatients, where clinicians must tend to many patients at once. A paper describing an early application was published in Nature this month.