Patient Services and Communications AI in 2019

AI in Healthcare Newsletter from January 13, 2019

FDA to Regulate Healthcare AI

The FDA intends to assess, appraise, and certify the safety of AI applications in healthcare. Regulation will encompass software used to diagnose and treat diseases, support clinical decisions, and manage patient care. Explore the full FDA document here.

Leadership a Key Factor in Healthcare AI Implementation

A recent white paper from BCG evaluates the percentage of AI adopters by nation and industry. Healthcare in the US, for example, flags behind the financial services and energy industries, and is only outpaced by China in its horizontal. What's holding it back, and how can you propel it forward?

Chatbot Opportunities and Options

Over the past few years, an opportunity has emerged for conversational AI to impact and improve patient services. But even if you recognize this opportunity, should you use a chatbot builder or seek custom development? What are the benefits and risks associated with these two categories of the exponentially growing chatbot market?

The Humanism of Healthcare Technology Design

When driving innovation efforts at a clinic, hospital, or system, what should be the first question asked? How can agents of innovation achieve short-term goals without sacrificing long-term direction? The techniques of design can inform your approach and improve your results.

Physician Lifestyle and Happiness

If you've ever wondered which type of physician specialist are happiest outside of work, or which type of car is most driven by physicians, the Medscape Physician Lifestyle & Happiness Report 2019 can offer insight.