Syllable Chatbot For Healthcare

Enables effective conversations on your website or in your mobile app


Flexible Functionality

Syllable Chatbots assist in filling forms, scheduling and cancelling appointments, and finding referrals to doctors and nurses.

Seamless Integration

Syllable Chatbots learn from user feedback, and hand off conversations when interactions require an even more human touch.

Natural Speech

Syllable Chatbots use natural language processing (NLP) and button navigation to engage, answer, and educate patients about your services and relevant healthcare topics.

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Secure Messaging For Healthcare

Our app makes it easy for your care team to communicate with each other and with patients.


Task Management
Staff can organize and track tasks while staying tuned in to important conversations.

Secure & Simple
Send files within your clinic and to patients. All files are securely encrypted in the cloud. 

HIPAA Compliant  
Exchange PHI that abides to the most rigorous industry standards.