How does Syllable help Clinics and patients?



Helps patients schedule prescription reminders in Facebook Messenger or Amazon Alexa

Scheduling reminders

A guided experience for medication adherence and help for multiple medications

Understanding medication

Patients can learn about indications and potential side effects for each medication

Easy to use with text and voice

A familiar interface in Facebook is similar to texting. The CareTaker skill for Alexa benefits users who prefer to use voice

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Memory Challenge

Performs a simple cognitive test with users in social media.

The test is available in Facebook Messenger as a chatbot and allows users to share with their friends and recruit more participants from their friend network.

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Encourages users to practice mindfulness on a daily basis through audio and video guides. The familiar Facebook interface is accessible and encourages exploring.

Images, audio and videos are used for guidance. Users are encouraged to do exercises on a regular basis through reminders and a 10 day meditation guide.

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Use Amazon Alexa or Google Home to reach users who prefer voice interactions.

Caretaker is an example of prescription adherence in Amazon Alexa that uses a natural language with speech recognition powered by Alexa.

Cognitive Helper is an example of a cognitive test that simulates an in office neurology visit and can be used to do longitudinal cognitive assessment at home.



What is AI? 

Artificial intelligence is the science of building intelligent computer programs. It is like developing a map for computers to understand human behaviors and emotions and to perform intelligent tasks.


Why natural languages?

Users spend more time in messaging applications than in any other applications. Natural language is a human computer interface that works as a messaging environment. Advances in natural language processing are enabling computer programs to forgo buttons and edit boxes for simple interfaces.



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