Syllable Chatbot For Healthcare

Our button makes it easy for your patients to find information on your website or in your mobile app

Educate patients

Guided content can educate your patients about your services and topics such as preventative guidelines.


Our Ai chatbot can be trained to answer common questions from patients.  

Physician referrals

Help new patients find a physician or facilitate referrals.

Collect data from patients for pre-screening, member applications and eligibility checks.

Automate scheduling

Syllable integrates with your online or offline workflow for appointment scheduling and cancellations.


Syllable App For Healthcare

Our app makes it easy for your care team to communicate with each other and with patients.

Easy to Use
Works just like WhatsApp, but for Healthcare.

Automate workflow
Our Ai is trained to provide useful suggestions in realtime to help your administrative staff organize and keep track of their day-to-day tasks.

HIPAA Compliant
Secure way of exchanging PHI that abides to the most rigorous industry standards

Download Android and iOS




Use Amazon Alexa or Google Home to reach users who prefer voice interactions.

Cognitive Challenge is an example of a fun game that tests word recall and word associations. This is an example of how voice can be used on a regular basis at home as part of a longitudinal assessment. 

For Alexa, say "Alexa, open Cognitive Challenge."
For Google, say "Ok Google, open Cognitive Challenge."



Helps patients schedule prescription reminders in Facebook Messenger or Amazon Alexa

Scheduling reminders

A guided experience for medication adherence and help for multiple medications

Understanding medication

Patients can learn about indications and potential side effects for each medication

Easy to use with text and voice

A familiar interface in Facebook is similar to texting. The CareTaker skill for Alexa benefits users who prefer to use voice

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Memory Challenge

Performs a simple cognitive test with users in social media.

The test is available in Facebook Messenger as a chatbot and allows users to share with their friends and recruit more participants from their friend network.

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